Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Take a look, it's in a book

At Christmastime we received a sweet assortment of books as gifts. Each of the four of us were gifted at least a couple of books. Chloe got some picture books, Liam some good interactive ones, and Matt and I got some that were/and were not on our wish lists. I thought I'd share them with you since most of us do like books, right?


We used to lend this one from the library when Liam was little. But it's way nicer having a copy of our own (without all of the germs, random teeth marks and dried snot blobs from other kids).

I had never seen this one before Chloe got it. It's a bunch
of little peas doing random stuff. It's a cutie.

 I am in love with this book. And so is Liam. It's just so cool.

One of these days I want to break out our tubes of real paint and let Liam "follow along" with
everything that happens in the book. Fun!

 Liam and Chloe

Every year (this is the third year) Matt's mom gets one of these recordable books for the kid(dos).
It's fun to get them out each year at Christmastime & let the kids 'listen to Nana' read a book.


This is the giant version of this book. Liam loves it.

Did anyone else get this one this year? It's on the best seller list. 
In case you didn't know -- the guy from The Office (B.J.Novak) created it. 

 Liam digs these paint with water books. I dig them too. They are SO easy to whip out
as an activity + they're not too messy to clean up.


Matt's cousin custom-made a family cookbook for Matt and other family members.
The recipes are all from his grandma/grandpa that are no longer with us, so this
is a pretty sweet sentimental gift that Matt will have forever.

This was on Matt's wish list.

I'm so glad that my hubby likes to cook...

I got him this one. We're hoping to expand our canning skills this coming summer/fall.
This book should be helpful with that.

No need to explain this one.


I had this book on my list. I can't wait to read it! Have your heard of this one?
A lady goes an entire year without looking in a mirror! I think it'll be an
interesting read.

This one was also on my wish list :) I've lent this one from the library four times already,
so I thought it'd be nice to just have a copy of my own. It's a great book to have if you have
an old home. It can tell you a lot about the history of your home & also teaches
you how to expand your research.

Well...that's that! We've already read the kids books about a hundred times, and Matt has glanced at his cook books. Someday I'll get to reading my books. I'll add them to my stack of 'books to read.'

Maybe I should get off this darn computer and read instead. Oh wait....I hear Chloe crying and Liam just woke up....never mind!


  1. fun! I love books! The one of old recipes is amazing! Seriously amazing…great job to whoever made that one! Wow! I am also curious how Mirror Mirror is…I have not heard of that one before…let me know. My favorite (not chick-lit, which is my go-to, book) is Mitten Strings for God by:Katrina Kennison. I love it! I think you would love it too. It's all about keeping family life slow and simple. Perhaps it would be a good read when your kids start school…keep it in mind! Hope you have double nappers tomorrow and can curl up with a cup of tea and read…did you just laugh!?! ;)

    1. Matt's cousin Jenna made the recipe book. I will add Mitten Strings to my "eventually read" list :) And yes, I did laugh. Liam fought his nap and didn't nap, and Chloe didn't nap until after 3:00. Little stinkers...