Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photos from Christmas 2014 - Round 2

A few days ago I posted some photos of Christmas 2014 - Round 1.
Here's Round 2...

Christmas with Matt's immediate & extended family, at Matt's parents' house:

Chloe and her aunt Becky.

Chloe's first Christmas :)

Liam opening a gift of Do-A-Dot markers.

Liam hanging out with his Great Grandma Dorothea.

Christmas Eve with my mom, at her house:

Christmas Day morning at our home:
Liam couldn't wait to see if Santa brought him something.

Chloe slept in for a change so Liam had to wait for her to 
wake up before he could open his gifts.

Pretty typical I think -- a baby loving the bows more than the actual gifts :)

I look tired.

Christmas Day afternoon with my mom's family, at my aunt Ginger's house:

Chloe and her great-aunt Shelley.

My niece Caroline helping Liam open a gift from her.

My family, minus Nate/Nici/Bella/Rylan/Hudson (who were at home sick).
Liam was practicing his winking skills in this photo.

Post-Christmas Day, celebrating with my family at my mom's house:

Where's Tim?

Lucky little girl.

My nephew Hudson asleep on my niece Caroline.

Best. Photo. Ever.

The next morning. My mom with all of her grand kids. 
(sorry mom, I promised no pajama photo, but I just HAD to)

Love you all,


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