Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Relaxation vacation

We just got home from a 9-day vacation at our cabin. We traveled "up north" after enjoying the 4th of July at home and just returned this past Sunday. The first four days were spent with my family (my mom, my brother Nate/his wife/their kids, my brother Jason/his kids, and my aunt & two cousins) and then the rest of the time it was just Matt, Liam and I.

After nine days of pontoon boat riding, stand-up paddle boarding, four-wheeler riding, swimming, bag tossing, exploring, laughing, campfire enjoying, fishing, marshmallow roasting, mosquito slapping and chipmunk catching (the chipmunk incident is an interesting story) we didn't want to come home!! I thought that we'd be ready to get back to our home, especially because the weather was HOT and we don't have air conditioning at the cabin...but I seriously could have stayed for another week. It was just so dang relaxing.

Liam learned a ton of new things during this trip. He discovered that he loves playing in the lake, he loves going for rides on the four-wheeler, he loves throwing rocks and balls into the water, and even enjoyed poking fish in the eyeballs :) Poor fish.

As always, I took a gazillion photos on my Nikon and on my iPhone. I can't post all of them, so I had to pick just a few. Enjoy!

  Liam had to keep busy the whole time - even if it was just coloring at the kitchen table...

 One of his "stinker" faces...

 Enjoying playing in the lake...

Playing in the mud. It's what boys do.

 Digging for rocks in the water...

 Rylan (my nephew) and Bella (my niece)

In the lake AGAIN...

 My mom and Caroline (my niece)

 Matt and Tim (my nephew) fishing at dusk

 Matt testing out a stand up paddle board...

 Our lake's annual pontoon boat parade theme was safari...

We did a little decorating.
Trees and leaves = cheap decor!

 Liam enjoying a picnic lunch before our hike at Copper Falls State Park

At the trail head

Liam was almost asleep in the backpack in this photo :)

 The falls were so, so beautiful

 We stopped at the Wisconsin Concrete Park on our way from Copper Falls back to the cabin.
Here are some animals made from concrete and glass.

Matt's cousin Jenna and her fiance Danny visited for a couple of nights

And now we're back home....and back to reality.


Things that made me smile during the last two weeks:

I caught up on some chick flicks that I had DVR'd :)

We asked Liam what a cow says and he answered with a cute little "mooooo"

I talked to a friend I hadn't talked to in a while

Matt and I escaped to the beach to watch fireworks together :)

Enjoyed a campfire with lake neighbors that we haven't seen in a while

Liam and his cousins splashed around in the lake together

It would have been my mom & dad's 40th wedding anniversary today. It's sad that they can't share it together, but it made me smile because of the love they had for each other :)


We took a sunset pontoon boat ride around the lake

Liam touched a fish for the first time and giggled

We took a road trip to Copper Falls and the weather was perfect

The loons were making their calls & it echoed across the lake

Matt saw a shooting star over the lake (I was bummed that I missed it, but glad he saw it)

We shot guns with Matt's cousin and her boyfriend, and I must say, it was pretty fun

It was nice to come home to two purring cats that missed us dearly

Have a peaceful week :)

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