Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clanking, banging and babbling

Our sweetie :)

Liam rocks our world. Plain and simple.

Matt and I look at each other sometimes and just smile. We say to each other "I can't believe we MADE this cool little human being." It just amazes us that we've been caring for him for sixteen months already!

We've been very busy with our little man lately. I'll let the photos do the talking:

He is getting into EVERYthing. We now have locks on every cupboard
and locks on the toilets :)

He doesn't want us to help feed him anymore. He wants to do it all
by himself. Thus the yogurt all over his face!

He absolutely loves bath time. He gets really cranky when we take him out of the tub.
If he had it his way I think he'd stay in it all day long.

He is constantly learning new things.  He's always pushing buttons, throwing things,
clanking, banging and babbling. He never sits still.

Working on some puzzles.

My favorite feet!!

Matt's colleague gave us this little chair + ottoman for Liam.
He loves sitting on it and looking at his books.

He loves, loves, loves slides. He's even taken them head-first a few times.

I swear, Liam never looks at the camera when Matt actually decides to take
a photo of us together. At Deland Park.

Liam made such a mess during his outdoor-dinner that Matt got the Shop Vac
out to clean up the high chair. Liam thought it was funny :)


Things that made me smile this past week:

Liam said the word "cheese" (a true Wisconsin boy he is)

Matt and I crawled into bed and caught up reading books & magazines

My niece Caroline won her softball game!

Liam ate fresh strawberries & snap peas from the farmers market and he loved them

We rode around on my mom's new four-wheeler in her yard

I planted a few more things in our garden

Matt and I enjoyed some time outside together while Liam napped

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