Monday, February 4, 2013

Off to grandmother(s) house(s) we go

Matt's on a business trip for the next couple of days. It's just Liam and I at home. So we're going on a short road trip to my grandmother's house and Liam's grandmother's (my mom's) house. They live next door to each other, so it's a one-stop-shop :)

My grandma is going to help me make some curtains for our kitchen! I was going to attempt sewing them all by myself, but they will turn out MUCH better with a little help from my grandma. 

Here's the fabric I bought this past weekend:

We're going to make simple valances with this fabric...
...and simple curtains with this fabric.
After we're done making the curtains we're going to head over to my mom's house to eat her famous home made chicken noodle soup. And after dinner they can ogle over Liam for a few hours. 

Wish me luck driving through the snow.

Things that made me smile last week:

Had brunch & a play date with some friends and their kids

Listened to Matt & Liam laugh and laugh in a tent that Matt set up in our living room

I made home made spaghetti sauce

Enjoyed the view of the snow covered trees

Matt and I danced the polka together

We successfully reupholstered the fabric on a window seat

I watched the Super Bowl with family

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