Thursday, October 11, 2012


We bought a couple of kitchen stools when we lived in Florida. We used them by the breakfast bar in the first apartment we lived in together. Such great memories :) We bought them unfinished with plans to paint them...but they never got painted.

Then we moved to our house in Florida. The stools found their place in our sun room. One stool became a cat perch. One stool became a plant stand. Still unpainted...

Fast forward three years and here they are, in Wisconsin. At our kitchen island, being used at stools again.

But we finally painted them!! Matt gave them a good sanding and he stained the tops a warm chestnut brown. The rest of the wood got a coat of aqua-like 'Winter Surf.' And I painted the bottom four inches of each leg a yellowy 'Daffodil.'

Here they are:

Fun fun!

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