Monday, October 5, 2015

Just add ice cream

Some friends of ours recently welcomed their third beautiful child into the world (yay cheese!). I'm well aware that the first few months post-baby are awesome-amazing-crazy-chaotic-tiring all rolled into one. A new baby takes up so much of your time. And if you have another kid or two or three in the house already, add a newborn to the mix and the other kid(s) miraculously NEED your attention every second of the day too :) Am I right?

So what is a friend to do in this situation? Maybe do something nice for the mom, dad and preexisting kids that EVERYone can enjoy? Something fun and yummy that gives everyone a bit of a break from the normal day-to-day craziness (meals, diapers, naps, etc). 

I took to Pinterest to look for some ideas and came across a little 'care package' basket that was ice cream themed. Basically, you fill a basket with ice creams toppings so the family can set themselves up a little 'ice cream bar' at their home when they find the right time!

So that's what I did. Because I'm pretty sure all kids and adults love ice cream, right? And marshmallows and sprinkles and cherries?

Here's the quick little box I put together for our friends. I had Matt drop it off on their front doorstep this weekend.

These little blue containers worked great for the toppings -

I found this box in our basement. A decorative basket would have looked much nicer but a) the box was free and 2) they don't have to return it to us, which is important!

And a quick little note -

Hopefully the kids are over their ice-cream-sundae-induced sugar high by now..... he he he :)

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