Friday, February 13, 2015

Love notes

Have any of you seen the cool little crafts you can do with mini-mailboxes on Pinterest? Here are a few examples of Valentine's Day themed mailboxes that fellow crafters have created and pinned:

I think the idea of having a little mailbox to put a gift/love letter/candy in is nice for Valentine's day. But I think that having a mini-mailbox year round is an even better idea! It's a little place for spouses or partners or kids or parents/kids can leave little notes or snacks for one another. I mean who doesn't like a sweet little surprise every once in a while?

My friend Erin hosted this month's Crafty Club, and this is the craft that she had for us to do :) She provided the cardboard mailboxes (the small ones are $2.99 at Hobby Lobby) and an assortment of embellishments, papers, craft paints, stickers and stamps to decorate them:

Three rounds of margaritas later....

Here's mine. I attached scrapbook paper with Modge Podge, tiny burlap flowers and a stick-on chalkboard sign (to distinguish which family member has mail):

 Erin gave each of us a little bundle of notes with envelopes (so cute!) to start us out:

And a bundle of chalks sticks as well:

Matt and I tested out the mailbox the very next morning.
Well what do we have here...?

I wrote him the first note (I forgot to take a photo). Basically it said something to the effect of "sorry for being so tequila-drunk and obnoxious when I got home last night" and that I love him.

Then he wrote me a note back saying "it's okay that you got sh*t$ace% the night before." What a sweet, sweet man I'm married to...

Are we romantic or what?

Right now it's on a shelf in our kitchen. I think we'll be putting Liam and Chloe's Valentine's inside for delivery by tomorrow morning!

Has anyone else done a craft with mailboxes? If yes, please share.

And have a nice weekend! 

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