Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bustling around

Just a few things that made me smile over the last week and a half...

Both kids napping at the same time!!
That's Chloe's monitor on the left and Liam's video monitor on the right.

My niece playing softball. She made it to first base on this hit, 
then scored a run later on.

My nephew playing in a jazz concert at Fountain Park
And Liam dancing to the tunes.

Chloe's first trip to the Farmers Market.

These beauties at the market.

A polka band consisting of high school boys.
(I wonder if they'd play in our backyard for cheap?)

Liam playing outside in some dinosaur underwear. 
Attempting to potty train.

Out for a family walk. A quadruple selfie. Sorry Chloe, can't really see you.

A few love notes from my hubbie left around the house :)


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