Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This is how we (st)roll

Liam and I went for a lot of stroller walks the past two summers. Usually once a day, and sometimes twice, depending on the weather. When Liam was a baby (two summers ago) and a toddler (last summer) it was easy for me to just throw him (not literally) into the stroller and away we went. 

But now that Chloe's here it takes a little more effort to go for a stroll. Liam climbs into the jogging stroller himself and Chloe goes in the Baby Bjorn or sling. Both kids are comfortable and I feel good knowing that they're safe (Liam can't run into the street and Chloe is snuggled up to her mama). But I often feel frazzled right before we leave, wondering if I have everything that I may need for the kids along the way. Do I have enough Kleenex along to wipe Liam's nose every few minutes? Do I have Band aids in case Liam hurts himself at the park? Do I have bug repellent in case we're attacked by mosquitoes?

I've always had a) sunscreen b) my iPhone and c) some cash (in case we come across a rummage sale or lemonade stand or stop at a neighborhood store) in the stroller at all times. But what about the other stuff we may need?

Well, now I don't have to worry about the 'what it' stuff anymore because I put together a little stroller kit for myself. Stuff that I can just leave in the stroller. Then all I have to grab when we go for a walk is my iPhone (and the kiddos). 

I bought this plastic storage case at Target. 
Liam has been playing with it the last few weeks. 
He puts toys in it and calls it his 'suitcase.'

Wipes, hand sanitizer (for Liam's hands after we collect things on the beach) and tissues.

Bug repellent, Advil (for me) and lotion.

Chap stick, band aids and extra hair stuff.

I put first-aid items in one of the (many) empty pacifier cases we had laying around.

This is important! Our flip video.

 Here it is, my stroller kit.

If anyone wants me to make one of these for them, let me know! I'd be happy to put one together for you. Not a bad gift idea either, maybe to give along with a stroller? Or as a 'new mom' gift? Just sayin'....

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