Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I wear the pants

I own a lot of pants. Jeans, joggers, jammies, capris. You name it, I've probably got it. 

But there is nothing more comforting...nothing more cozy...and nothing more relaxing than the trusty ol' pants I call my "comfy pants."

I've gotten so used to "throwing on the comfy pants" in the morning before I head downstairs with the kids. Or I'll throw them on as soon as I know I'm inside the house for the night. I wear them to bed. I wear them when we do house projects. I wear them on our deck when I (hope) no one can see me.

And Matt thinks I have too many of them.

Actually...maybe it's not the amount of comfy pants that bothers him so much. I think it may be the age of the pants that bother him! I've literally had most of these pants since high school and college. Yes, I said high school. As in fifteen or more years ago. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These moon & stars pants are so old that I don't even know when I got them. Mom, do you remember these bad boys? The tag fell off so long ago that I seriously wear them forwards and backwards (not sure which is which anymore). But they have zero holes in them! And they're still super soft. are seeing it correctly. There are blue hippos wearing purple bows on these shorts. If these shorts were 75% smaller you'd think they were worn by a 2-year old. But I love them and they are so flipping comfortable. These are only worn to bed on occasion (when I don't want Matt snuggling me at night - ha ha!) and when I'm PMSing or crampy. These were bought sometime in high school.

Saturns, stars and clouds. I also got these in high school. They're capri-style. Pretty cool hey?

These I bought after I graduated from college, about 11 years ago. I bought them for yoga. They have a really cool "Adorable" emblem towards the top that was once incrusted with faux diamonds. Oh yeah. The drawstring has been long gone. And, as you can see, these have been worn during many painting projects.

And these, my friends, are my absolute GO-TO comfy pants. Matt really, really loves these hot pink wonders. He just thinks I'm so sexy in them! I've had these since post-college as well. The drawstring is missing and the seams are weakening a bit, but these are my absolute fave. When I was pregnant with both kids I pretty much lived in these. the name of love, I've decided to retire my comfy pants from H.S. and college. Matt, you will no longer see my strutting my stuff in these lovely pants. No more pepto-bismol pink pants and blue hippo shorts for this girl.

Okay...maybe I lied.

I think I'm going to put them in our 'painting clothes' bin in the basement. Because who knows when I'm going to need a pair of old pants for painting.

Or if I get pregnant again, I'm going to want my trusty ol' pink pants.

Or someday I could cut them into squares and make rags out of them for washing the cars.

Of if I keep them long enough does that mean they'll be considered 'vintage'?

Matt, I really do love you though :)

I want to see YOUR embarrassing comfy clothes! After all, I showed you mine :) I'll post them on my blog and I promise I will not let people know whose clothes they are (unless you give me permission). I think it'd be fun. 

Please send me a photo(s) of your faves to


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