Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Noodles and balls

Liam has a fair amount of toys. Most of them he's received as gifts from family members and us at Christmas time, for his birthday and other exciting events (Valentine's Day, Easter, etc). He enjoys his toys, books, puzzles and play dough. But guess what his absolute FAVORITE things to play with are? 

If you guessed Mr. Potato Head, you're wrong.
If you guessed Little People Farm, wrong.
If you guessed his Matchbox cars, wrong again.

His favorite thing to play with is uncooked elbow macaroni.
Yes, you heard me correctly. He loves to play with noodles.
Inexpensive, simple noodles.

And little fuzzy balls.

And pieces of string.

The elbow noodles are definitely his #1 thing though.

This little boy insists on playing with the dang noodles at least twice, sometime three, sometimes four times a day! He will bypass a pile of cool Legos and go straight for the jar of noodles.

Over the past few months we have discovered an astonishing amount of ways to play with noodles.

Noodles in a tray.
Noodles on a train.
(Much better than 'snakes on a plane')

Noodles tossed all over the place.

This morning Liam apparently wanted to take a NAP in his noodles :)

He also loves playing with little fuzzy balls that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for like $2 a few months ago. The balls keep his busy for a long time. His Nana brought him a little red kitchen set (pots and pans) this past weekend as an early Valentine's Day gift, so he's been busy cooking up "meatballs, snowballs and popcorn balls" the last couple of days.

Oh my God, I LOVE these little legs :)

Noodles and balls together.
It's REALLY fun to clean up. Not.
I store all of these creative objects in little glass jars. The most recent addition to the jars is one of wooden dowels (left over from various IKEA furniture put-togethers).

Balls, noodles, string, letters, dowels and pipe cleaners. What more could an almost-2-year-old ask for!

This photo was taken just this afternoon. What a little busy-body he is. (Note the deck of cards thrown around in the background. Yet another simple, cheap thing that he loves to play with).

Have a good week :)


  1. oh how I miss my kids being that age! I miss it so much! Liam is are you. You are such a fun sweet Mom...he is a lucky guy! I wish we lived closer so I could come sit on the floor with you and sort noodles from pom poms :)

    1. Hi Kate. Thanks for the compliments :) Maybe someday we'll live closer!