Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rain days

We had planned to go camping this weekend. But dear Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with our human plans.

We made a reservation at one of our favorite state parks, Kohler-Andrae State Park, a few months ago. The plan was for Matt, Liam and I to camp on Thursday and Friday night, and then Matt invited some of his guy friends to camp with him on Saturday night.

We set up camp on Thursday night just fine. We put up our tent, put up the EZ-Up tent and built a nice campfire. Liam LOVED running around the campsite, collecting leaves and playing in the dirt. We prepared an easy campfire dinner and popped it over the flames.

We knew beforehand that the weather was supposed to be crap. The forecast for the entire weekend was like an 80% chance of thunderstorms. But we so badly wanted Liam's first camping trip to be cool!

But at 8:00 pm that night my mom called my cell and informed us that there was a tornado warning three counties away from us. I was like "whatever." We weren't too worried because it was a very slow moving storm. But the more we thought about it...we figured why would we want to spend Liam's first camping trip stuck in a tent with lightning and thunder?

So Matt, Liam and I ate our dinner by campfire/lantern light and then I took Liam home for bedtime. Matt stayed behind to watch over the site. I think we was excited to "man it" by himself for a night in a storm.

 Liam enjoying his first-ever camping dinner

Friday's forecast was worse than Thursday's, so we decided to skip the campground. We headed to Milwaukee to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum instead. Liam enjoyed....

...riding on a Harley Davidson... shopping...

...and broadcasting local sports!

Don't worry - Matt still got to enjoy his Saturday afternoon and evening with "the guys." The weather cleared up enough that they were able to play Beersby all night.

What did YOU do during the rainy weather??

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