Friday, October 25, 2013

80s flashback

This past weekend Liam and I took a little road trip to my mom's house.

Matt was out of town for the weekend. He had a work event in Florida (lucky duck). So I thought it'd be nice for Liam and I to "get away" as well. Although Liam and I did not escape to palm trees and warm weather and sunshine, it was still nice to see my mom and family.

Both of my brothers and their families were there as well. So Liam basically ran around with his cousins the entire time (which is awesome because it gives me a bit of a break)!

On Saturday night my sister-in-law, my nieces and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby (it's kind of becoming a tradition, since my SIL and I are both craft nuts), had a mom-made meal and watched the Badgers game on TV. On Sunday we bundled up the kids and ran around in my mom's yard, picked apples from my mom's apple tree, visited my grandma (who lives next door to my mom), watched the Packers game and enjoyed my mom's famous chicken noodle soup.


The highlight of my weekend was digging through my mom's basement and finding a ton of mine and my brothers' old childhood toys. I went into the basement to get my old Barbie dolls for my 5-year old niece to play with and I came across a goldmine of memories!!

I found my brothers' old Matchbox cars collection, a box of their Transformers and GI Joe guys and a box of Constructs. I found two bins full of Barbie dolls and endless accessories, a box of Trolls and a bunch of stuffed animals (my Cabbage Patch doll, my Minnie Mouse from when we went to Disneyland, etc.). I found myself immersed in a pile of childhood memories. And a cloud of childhood laughs. Oh my sweet, sweet childhood....

And the best part is -- my nieces and nephews and Liam LOVED playing with all of these ancient (ha ha) toys! It was like a little Jason and Nathan and Erin sitting on the family room floor playing all over again...

Of course I HAD to take some photographs of some of my favorites! They're not the best quality (I snapped them quickly on my iPhone) but you'll get the point. I wonder if any of you had these exact same toys??

The game of Perfection.
I'm not sure why they called it Perfection...has anyone in history ever conquered this game before BAMMM!!! the dang base pops up and flings your pieces everywhere?

The kids enjoyed it. And Nici.

Holy trolls! I can't believe my mom saved my trolls. who else had the exact same Barbie storage case? Or Barbie refrigerator?

Books  never get old. I swear I remember reading each and every one of these books as a child.

A cluster of my bros' dolls. I mean "super hero men." Heaven forbid if we called them dolls.

Matt had the exact same Matchbox case as my brothers. And his mom still has his too!

I used to play with these all of the time too. My favorite was the yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

Liam and Rylan picking out their favorites.

I played with this thing ALL of the time....

....and it came with this camper, which was even cooler than the truck.

Who else had this barn? When you open the left barn door it "moos."

My first camera.

I could have taken photos of more things, but I don't want to bore you too much :)

Did this bring back any childhood memories for you?

Thank you, mom and dad, for keeping so many of our toys!


  1. my sisters and i played with the barn, my sisters had the troll and i had the Barbies. my parents held on to all of our toys also, and luck that they did because now all fof the grand children cant get enough of them! Thank you for Sharing Erin, i lvoe your blog :) Amelia

  2. It's nice to hear someone else had the same great 80's style :) Thanks Amelia.