Wednesday, May 1, 2013



I mentioned in an earlier blog that I'm decorating a 3-foot tall fork for a local Meals On Wheels Fundraiser. Here was my prior post:

Well, I finished painting and decorating my fork on Monday night. I ended up making it all flowery and girly and artsy, as I kind of assumed I would.

I present to you my fork, titled "Girlffiti" (a combo of Girly and Graffiti):

The materials I used to decorate and paint it were ones that I already had or things that I found laying around the house. I used outdoor paints, crayon, scraps of paper, buttons, washers, safety pins, sponges that I cut into stamps, beads, tissue paper, ink, glue and other random materials.

Our cat, Marlee, just so happened to plop down next to the fork when I was taking this photo. Here she is, modeling with the gigantor fork:


And here are a few random photos from the last couple of days:

We've been walking down to our "secret beach" the last few evenings. We throw Liam (gently place Liam) in this sweet carrier that our friends gave us and trek on down to the lake. He loves being in this thing. He oohs and ahhs at so many things (the water lapping on the shore, the birds chirping, dogs barking).

Liam and his dad
Liam and his mom
The cutie pie
 And the other day we discovered that Liam likes BROCCOLI!

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  1. awesome fork! Great job! I love reading your posts (even though I am behind on commenting at the moment)'s fun to feel like your neighbor and it brings back such great memories of my life when Finnegan was that age...I think that has been my favorite time so far! I just loved it!