Thursday, April 4, 2013


This past weekend Matt got beef jerky in his Easter basket.

Liam got oranges, raisins, goldfish crackers, a book and a puzzle in his basket.

What did I get in my basket? A wonderful gift that the Easter bunny (myself) ordered off of Etsy :)

A beautiful crocheted LOVE banner! 

Handmade with care.

One of my friends in Florida, Rhonda, sent Liam an adorable crocheted owl hat when he was born. Her sister, Jess, made it. Jess crochets the cutest hats, ear warmers, cowls and banners.

The other day I was checking out her Etsy page, called My Charming Colors, and I saw this awesome Love banner. Usually it takes me a bit to decide on and purchase anything that has to do with home decor. But when I saw this (the Easter bunny just knew that) I just had to have it!

Here's a link to Jess' Etsy page: . I also added a link to her blog, My Little Mustache, on the right sidebar of my blog.

I hung it in between two of our kitchen windows.

The colors in the banner match my homemade curtains perfectly!

And FINALLY the weather was nice enough outside today, I moved Liam's pack n play out onto the deck for a while. And I took him for three walks in his stroller. He enjoyed watching the squirrels, listening to the birds chirp and feeling the sunshine on his cute little cheeks.


  1. So cute! it looks perfect in your house with your curtains! Liam looks happy out in the sunshine! Wish you could just come to our back porch, so we could chat while the kids soak up some Vit D :) p.s. I sent you two soup recipes, but I was not sure if I had the right e-mail, so I put Matt's e-mail on it too. If you do not get the e-mail would you mind sending me your real e-mail address? Hope your day is nice!

    1. Thank you! I agree that it would be SO nice to just meet in the afternoon. I did not receive the soup recipes...I'll check with Matt to see if he got them. I will send you my email address. Have a nice weekend! Any fun plans?