Monday, July 23, 2012

Photos Schmotos

When Liam was born I found these cute little "month" stickers at a baby boutique.

I stick one onto him and snap a photo each month.

We're lucky because Liam has been a pretty photogenic baby. I've been able to capture him smiling each time.

Here are the "nice" photos of Liam:

Wow has he grown!

And here are the unedited, not-so-photogenic photos:
"I am nooottttt happyyy mommmaaaa!"

"Goooo Packers!"

"Ha ha ha...I pooped my diaper!"

Deer in headlights.

"But I don't want to smile."

"If I stick my tongue out like this..."

"Do I have something on my face?"

Oh boy...what did we get ourselves into?

"I'm cool like that."

"Could I be any more cute?"


  1. what a fun idea...I especially like your 'out takes' :) the pictures and your comments made me laugh.